The Marin Humane Society offers a wealth of information about disaster preparedness, feral cat management, finding a lost pet, local pet-friendly destinations, and wildlife co-existence. Plus, find out about the areas of our campus that are available for public use, including our popular community dog parks.

Campus Facilities & Dog Parks
Information on campus rental facilities (including auditorium, classroom, conference room, and fields), plus information on our community dog parks

Disaster Preparedness
Recommendations to help keep you and your companion animals (including large and farm animals) safe and calm during a disaster

Feral Cats
What to do if you see cats living on their own with no caretaker, and how MHS is working with local groups to manage feral cat populations

Search Lost Pets
Search our lost pet database, plus learn what to do if your pet goes missing or if you find a lost pet

Where Pets are Welcome
Where you can walk your dog in Marin County and Open Spaces rules, plus information on pet-friendly housing, lodging, and dining

Wildlife Issues
What to do if you find a sick, injured, dead or rabies-suspect animal, plus information on living with wildlife and West Nile Virus


Marin Humane Society

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