Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in our adoption services. We hope we can assist you in finding a perfect companion for you and your family.

Adoption Process
Adoption Fees
What the adoption fee includes
Dogs rescued from Korean meat trade

Adoption Process
For your convenience, you may download an adoption application to fill out and fax it to 844.270.6759, mail or return in person. An adoption application tells us what you are looking for in an animal companion, what expectations you have and the lifestyle you envision with your new friend.

Cat Adoption Application
Dog Adoption Application
Small Companion Animal Application
Bird Adoption Application
Reptile Adoption Application
Livestock Adoption Application

At our Adoption Center, you will have an opportunity to meet and visit with your potential new companion in person. Spend as much time as you desire getting to know an animal. You may review specially developed behavior and health profiles, and lifestyle considerations on each of our adoption animals. Adoption counselors will work with you to help find that perfect pet, but bear in mind that this may often require more than one visit.

Adoption counselors are here to answer all your questions and review important information with you. They can help you decide what size, age, breed and temperament will most successfully meet your expectations. They will review information about your pet's adjustment to his or her new home, housetraining, health concerns, vaccinations, nutrition, training, grooming, etc.

Because adopting an animal is a family decision, please bring your entire family, including current resident dogs (if you are adopting a dog), to meet your potential companion. Please leave your resident cats safely at home.

If you are interested in adopting a friend for your resident rabbit, guinea pig or rat please call the Adoption Center before you come in so that we can schedule a time for you to bond your resident pet with a potential new friend.

If you need pet supplies of any kind—food, dishes, leashes, toys, flea & tick products, grooming supplies, litter—you will find everything you need at Animal Outfitters, our on-campus pet supply store. You receive a 20% discount on purchases for one week after you adopt your pet.

The entire adoption process can be time consuming. But this time is well invested when you consider that your pet will live with you for up to 15 years or more. We ask for your patience and cooperation in the joyful process of bringing pets and people together.

Adoption Fees

Dogs $175
Puppies (up to 5 months) $250
Dogs over 10 years $65
Cats $100
Kittens (up to 5 months) $125
Cats over 10 years $65
Guinea Pigs $15
Rabbits $40
Hamsters $10
Mice $5
Rats $10
Chinchillas $35
Cockatiels $75
Canaries $50
Doves $10
Finches, Zebra As quoted


Chickens & Pigeons $10
Geese $10
Lovebirds $45
Ducks $10
Peafowl $10
Snakes As quoted

Fees for other animals are as quoted.
What the adoption fee includes

Dogs and cats:

  • Behavior and medical evaluation
  • Pre-adoption medical treatments as needed (spay/neuter, blood panel, dental cleaning, x-rays, other surgeries, etc.)
  • Deworming, FELV/FIV test (cats), heartworm testing (dogs), flea/tick preventative and vaccinations
  • Microchipping and first year membership with HomeAgain
  • Free post adoption behavior consultation
  • 30% discount on behavior and training classes (dogs)
  • 20% discount at MHS Animal Outfitters for up to one week after the adoption date
  • 20% discount at Pet Food Express, who donates $10 to MHS when the coupon is redeemed!
Adoption dogs and cats who are 10 years of age and older are considered to be members of our Senior Partner Program. These animals are given a full blood panel to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Small companion animals:

  • Behavior and medical evaluation
  • Pre-adoption medical treatments as needed (spay/neuter for rabbits and neuter for male rats)
  • Microchipping and first year membership with HomeAgain (for rabbits)
  • Free post adoption behavior advice
  • 20% discount at MHS Animal Outfitters for up to one week after the adoption date
  • 20% off coupon to Pet Food Express, who donates $10 to MHS when the coupon is redeemed!

Adoption of dogs rescued from Korean meat trade

The Marin Humane Society (MHS) welcomed 13 dogs which were rescued from the Korean meat trade in a first-of-its-kind effort between international animal welfare organizations and Northern California shelters. The dogs will soon be available for adoption in to loving Bay Area homes

Because these dogs come from such a unique and difficult situation, it is imperative they are matched with a home that is well-suited to their special needs. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please call our special phone line, 415.506.6265 for more information. You are welcome to print and submit an adoption application but please note, this does not guarantee an adoption. MHS will be carefully screening each adoption applicant to make sure it is the right fit for both the dog and the guardian. After reviewing applications, potential guardians will be called. There is no “first come, first served.” Thank you for your understanding.

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For any further questions about the adoption process, please email or call the Adoption Desk at 415.506.6225.


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