Compassion in Action

Take a look at some of our local youngsters who have made valuable contributions to the Marin Humane Society(MHS)! MHS is very fortunate that many students in Marin want their community service hours to benefit the animals in the shelter. We are grateful to these young animal advocates and welcome their efforts on behalf of animals.

If you would like do a special project that benefits the shelter animals you can gather inspiration from the story below, or take a look at some of our suggestions: collect items from our Wish List, create donations for the shelter animals, organize a small fundraising event (bake sale, carwash, lemonade stand) and donate the proceeds to MHS, or in lieu of gifts for your birthday or a holiday, ask that donations be made in your honor to MHS.

The 4-H Club from San Rafael collected items for the shelter animals and the SHARE pet food drive. Sarah P. dropped off the awesome donations off at our shelter and let adoption rabbits Ben & Jerry know that she is hoping they will "hop home for the holidays." These great donations collected by the club totaled almost $300! Thank you Sarah and the San Rafael 4-H Club!

Just in time for Christmas! Dylan Lee arrived at the main shelter campus in Novato with 27 warm and cozy cat beds that his third grade class made. Many thanks to Dylan and his wonderful classmates for making sure all the kitties here at MHS feel the warm spirit of the holidays!

Owen Wood is a 5th grader at Ross School. His school project was to make doggie treats - gluten free! Fernando, one of our adoption dogs, is more than happy to give them a try. Thank you Owen!

Westin and Gabriella Schaumleffel stopped by MHS with their mom to drop off a whopping 100 pounds of dog and cat food for the shelter animals! That is a BIG "random act of kindness." Thank you Westin and Gabriella!

Denali Hut came to visit MHS with his mom while sharing his "random acts of kindness." He loves cats and wanted to give the shelter cats some toys to play with while they were waiting to find their forever homes. The cats (and kittens!) thank you, Denali, for your kindness.

Brother and sister Jack and Molly (both of whom have attended our humane summer camp) from San Rafael have "Give Jars." Each week they receive $2 to put in their jars as one of their family's traditions. After they have saved up some money they decide to whom they want to donate it. MHS was lucky enough to receive their generous donation of $80! Thank you Jack & Molly!

Kaitlyn and Mocha - an MHS alumni - saved up her allowance and donated the money to MHS for the matching fund promotion. The shelter animals thank you Kaitlyn and Mocha!

Elizabeth asked for money to donate to MHS instead of gifts for her birthday. She made a donation of $110 for the 'matching challenge.' The shelter animals thank you Elizabeth!

For his 8th birthday, Kent F. from San Anselmo asked his friends and family to donate items for the animals at MHS instead of giving gifts to him. He brought in dog treats, dog & cat supplies, and $105 from his party over the weekend. Kent had a super hero themed party and we think it was pretty super of him to do this for the animals!

Jacob Hershman, from Novato, decided to use his violin skills to raise money for the animals at MHS. Jacob plays classical and fiddle music on the violin and busked (played music to fundraise) all around Marin to raise a whopping $474 to help animals in need. Thank you, Jacob, for thinking outside the box and using you talent to benefit the animals!

These two young animal lovers from Muir Beach came by to donate money to MHS which they earned from a lemonade stand. Thank your for your generosity Zora and Scarlett - you're beautiful inside and out!

Jenna and Piper are 5 1/2 year old twins who attended a birthday party for their friend at MHS. They really enjoyed the celebration and the experience was so memorable that they had a lemonade and animal cookie stand to raise money for the shelter animals. Big thanks to Jenna and Piper for all their hard work!

Sarah Wilkes, a student at Brandeis Marin, selected the Marin Humane Society to research for her 7th grade Philanthropy/Tzedakkah Project. She interviewed Nancy McKenney, MHS CEO, created a poster and presented her findings to her class. MHS was one of the recipients chosen by the class to receive a Tikum Olam (Repairing the World) Allocations grant. We think Sarah has a promising future as an animal advocate!


Ila Finn from San Rafael rallied her 4H club and her family and friends to donate pet food and supplies to support the SHARE program. She also organized her club to make dog toys, and collected other needed items from the wish list. Thank you Ila for your dedication to helping animals and people in need!

Sonya and Austin Baber stopped by today with dog toys they created just for us. And while on vacation in San Diego, they raised money for the animals by having lemonade stands on the beach! A big thank you to them for their generosity and for supporting MHS!

Luke Trusheim and Tyler and Bella Peruieux did some special holiday shopping today and included the SHARE program on their gift list! A big thank you to these very generous kids!

For the last three years, Ari Chyrlund has been hosting a table to collect donations for the SHARE holiday pet food drive. Ari dropped by today with pet food and cash donations for the animals and people in need! Ari is a junior at Novato High School and we are very lucky she donates her time to support MHS programs. Thank you Ari!

Lauren Friedman decided o focus her Bat Mitzvah project to help the animals at MHS. she decided to roll newspapers for our rabbits, which is one of the "Crafts for the Animals" that we recommend. Lauren brought her donations in today and just in time! We have many rabbits at the shelter right now who can benefit from her generous donation. Thank you Lauren!

Max Kline and Joseph and Katherine McPhail, along with a few other friends (not pictured), raised money for the shelter animals over the summer by hosting lemonade stands. They decided to wait until now to donate the money to MHS so that it can be used to help shelter animals in the new  year. They also donated a box of dog treats and a bag of dog food with their check donations. The animals thank you!

Ian and Kai Probst, Wesley Fong and Summer Nelson got together to participate in Vallecito Elementary's Community Heroes program with a bake and lemonade sale. They made $116 and donated it all to MHS to help the shelter animals. Thanks to all of you!

Ashlynn Wolfe and her kindergarten classmates from St. Patrick's School collected a lot of new animal supplies in honor or St. Francis (Patron Saint of Animals), including cat and dog treats, toys, and leashes. They organized some of the items into adorable goodie bags for an extra touch. Thank you Ashlynn!


Cole Mapp from Mill Valley, along with his sibling Rhys and their friends Ryan, Dylan, Noah, Eliza and Alden, were inspired to have a lemonade stand and donate all the money to the shelter. Thanks to a social media savvy mom who posted the details about their "humble but very thoughtful lemonade stand," they had an amazing turn out and raised $237.50! She later posted about how generous their neighbors were and that they felt very proud to help the animals at the shelter. A big thank you to these amazing kids! 

Brody Seyranian from Corte Madera asked people to celebrate his birthday by donating to MHS! Instead of receiving gifts at his party for his 6th birthday, he accepted checks and cash totaling almost $300 which he happily donated to the animals! Thank you Brody! 

Emily Allensworth from Novato asked her Mom and Dad to help her put together a fund raiser for MHS. Mom and Dad baked muffins and made lemonade for Emily to sell the next day. Emily created a poster, decorated her table and raised $65! Her parents rounded it up to a $100 donation. Emily has a great love for animals and wants to volunteer when she is old enough. We'll be waiting, Emily!


Lucia and Mimi Suligman, of Mill Valley, decided they wanted to make beds and toys for the shelter animals because they love their animals at home and think animals rock! They picked out some great fabric and crafted no-sew cat beds for our shelter cats. Lucia also included a sweet note for the shelter animals. They have two cats and a fish at home, and are hoping to expand their furry family to include a guinea pig soon.


Elizabeth Lerdal of San Rafael collected donations for the animals at MHS instead of receiving gifts for her fourth birthday. She came in to the shelter with her brother, Andrew, to deliver their generous donation. They help care for two dogs at home and know how much toys and treats mean to the animals.

Shreya Banerjee raise money for a 1st grade school project and chose to fundraise for the shelter animals. She raised $100 dollars! She chose to help the Marin Humane Society because she "likes dogs and animals." She is sitting pictured with Chuvy, one of our adoptable dogs.

Kaitlin Meyers has been saving her money to donate to the Marin Humane Society during a month when the funds she gave would be matched. On Saturday she brought in her savings which amounted to $300! Now, thanks to a geneous donor who is matching donations up to $25,000 during April, Kaitlin's donation will turn into $600! Kaitlin was inspired to help the animals after adopting her dog Mokah here last year. Thank you Kaitlin!

Maddie stopped by on Monday to bring some warm cozy beds that she made from some spare fleece fabric for the cats and dogs here at the shelter. She was inspred to help the animals after attending our summer camp in the past. She says she is excited to be coming back to camp this summer, too. Great job Maddie - thank you!

Garrett and Braden Cook from Kentfield wanted to do something to bright the day for the cats at MHS. So, over a weekend, they spent hours making no-sew cat beds so that the cats have a nice cozy place to sleep. They are also working on some tug toys to donate for the dogs. They have a big dog at home and are hoping to add a dog-savvy cat to their family sometime soon. Thanks to both of you for your generosity!

Isabell and Gianna Rosecrans held a lemonade, snow cone and toy sale in their neighborhood to raise money for the animals. The girls came into the shelter with a jar full of bills and coins that added up to a total of $38! We so appreciate having caring youngsters like these two in our community. Way to go girls!

Liam Laureyns and his family stopped by the Marin Humane Society to learn how he could volunteer or help the animals. Although he can't volunteer until he is 18, he did learn that there are many other ways to he could help. Liam got directions on how to make beds for the cats, then had his mom take him to the fabric store and help him cut the beds to size. He was in charge of all those double knots! He brought the beds in to us on his 11th birthday and said that he wants to do this regularly to help the animals. Thank you Liam for your compassionate spirit! We know your younger brother Blue looks up to you.

Seven-year-old Annabelle Beck emptied her piggy bank and divided the contents into three categories: Save, Spend, and Share. She decided to share the money she had saved with the animals at MHS! Thank you Annabelle - you are an inspiration.


Katelyn McKnew attends Bel Aire Elementary School. As the student council representative for Miss Bjeldane's class, she and her classmates collected toys, treats and other items to donate to MHS. It is great to see kids working together to help the animals! Thank you!

Ms. Gaines 5th grade class from Bel Aire Elementary School in Tiburon compiled two lovely gift baskets for the MHS staff and volunteers. They also created lovely thank you cards with nice artwork and messages. We sincerely thank Ms. Gaine's class for their generous pick-me-up!

Ginger and Lucy Howard and  their friend Leah Volpentest all attend Neil Cummins School in Corte Madera. Not only did they sell some of their toys to raise money for MHS, but Mom said they sold some items from the refrigerator, too! Thank you, girls!

Stella Shorten from Tiburon decided that for her 5th birthday she wanted to help some real animals instead of receiving stuffed animals and other toys. Her dad agreed so she asked her friends and family to donate to MHS instead of buying her gifts. Thank you Stella for your generous spirit!

Stephanie Palmer raised a total of $500 from her lemonade stands and wanted to purchase suppplies to donate to the shelter animals. After reviewing our MHS wish list with her mother, Stephanie picked out what she wanted and bought the items at our store, Animal Outfitters. Nicely done, Stephanie! Thank you for supporting MHS!

Abby Hammer and Yamini Srivastava held a book sale to raise money for the shelter animals. They raised $40.25 and presented the money to MHS last weekend during their visit here. Well done, girls - the animals thank you!


Combining a love of baking and animals, Lilia and Annabel Steel channeled those two things into quite a generous donation. These sisters baked treats and then set up bake sales throughout Mill Valley, all to raise money for the animals at MHS. They raised $350 and their father’s business is going to match the donation. Philanthropy runs in the family! These two already help care for a hamster and a dog at home but wanted to do more to help animals without homes. Nice work, girls!


Young superstar Sarah Payesko brought in donations from her 4 H club including cat toys that they made by hand. Thank you Sarah from all the adoption animals!


Marissa Weinfeld picked persimmons from her yard and sold them to her community in order to raise $33 for MHS. She cares for a variety of animals at home and is currently looking to add a friendly cat to the mix of her family. Thank you Marissa!


This young lady, Sarah Stockton, came in today with her mom and baby sister to donate food and toys for the shelter dogs. So young and already giving! Mom said they will be back in a few years to adopt when Sarah can help out too!

Ava Nielsen donated $185 to MHS that she received from friends and family in in lieu of birthday gifts. Ava has a huge heart for helping both people and animals. She and her family have attended dog training classes here with their dog Mochi and Ava is a summer camp regular. She would like to work at MHS one day and we hope to see her around here for a long time!

Frankie Max donated $250 of her personal money this morning. And this is not the first time! In addition to fundraising, Frankie attends our Summer Camp every year. She and her dad also happened to mention that the family is vegetarian, due in large part to the education she has received from MHS. Way to go Frankie!


Isaiah Howard recently celebrated his seventh birthday. Instead of giving him gifts, Isaiah asked his guests to bring  money for MHS instead. He donated a total of $220 along with two cat wands! Thank you Isaiah from all the animals! 

Rebecca Pries of Mill Valley is a true animal lover. She made her Bat Mitzvah about the animals and featured MHS in every aspect of the celebration including invitations, decorations and centerpieces. Her guests even made cat and dog toys for the shelter animals! Rebecca herself sewed dozens of small animal beds by hand with a custom label that read "Made by Rebecca." Accompanied by her parents and her dog, she brought a large load of donations including pet food for our SHARE program. Thank you, Rebecca - seeing compassion in action like this is so inspiring!

Nat decided to hold a lemonade stand to help raise money for MHS. First, he went on our website and printed photos of adoption animals. He then made a creative poster with the photos to both adertise his stand and spread awareness of MHS!

Lucas, Liam, Lucy and Lily of Greenbrae the profits of their lemonade stand to MHS. They picked MHS because they know that a lot of animals need help, especially the senior dogs. Great work team!

Elsa and Jack of Greenbrae sold hand made jewelry and donated the money to MHS! They both love animals and are already thinking of of what their next project to benefit MHS will be.

Shane and his little brother adopted a kitten a few weeks ago and they thought that some of our adoption animals would like some new toys. Shane used his own money to buy the toys and they brought them in together.  

This is Kate and her brother Henry. A few weeks ago Kate found a $100 bill outside a local business. When the money was never claimed, she became the rightful owner. Instead of spending it on herself, Kate donated $25 to MHS and gave her brother $25, who also made a donation. They brought their gifts to the shelter and left with one in return - their new family member, Dove.

Alyssa H. from Mill Valley dropped off $200 collected from family and friends in lieu of gifts for her recent birthday. She is a life-long animal lover, and was inspired by the animals to make the birthday donation. We are still receiving from folks in her honor!

This is six year old Cailin Fahey and her mom Kasey. For her sixth birthday Cailin asked her friends to make a donation to the shelter. Her mom brought in a $20 donation that was given to Cailin after her birthday. Thank you Cailin!

For her birthday, Avery, a proud guardian of two dogs, asked her friends and family for donations to the Marin Humane Society instead of birthday gifts. Thanks to Avery, we have LOTS of new toys and food for our programs.

Drake High School students: Alexa Harrison, Elena Sviatoslavsky, Nicole Colindres, Gracie Gubbins and Brooks Weller raised $132.50 for the Marin Humane Society by hosting a bake sale. Not only did they earn a total of 39 community service hours for their efforts, but they also raised awareness and money for homeless animals; it doesn't get better than that!

Arianna Chyrklund, a freshman at Novato High School, wanted to support our SHARE program over the holidays by hosting a fundraiser at a local coffee shop on December 21. Ari got the word out about her fundraiser to students and the community by making fliers with adoptable MHS animals on them. With all of her hard work, Ari raised $127 in cash to donate, and collected 140 pounds of dry dog and cat food, dozens of canned food and almost 30 pounds of cat litter! Not to mention the extras, like toys and towels that will benefit the animals and clients in our SHARE program. Thank you Ari for all of your hard work and for being such a positive influence on your community!

On behalf of National Charity League- San Rafael Mission Belles Chapter- Katarina Ament dropped off dozens and dozens of dog toys, which the group made for the shelter animals. What a great way to spread the love this holiday season. A HUGE thanks Kat and the San Rafael Mission Belles!

Carina Masters set a goal to save up $1000 and donate it to MHS. Just before Thanksgiving she came the shelter with with her proud parents to personally give the check to CEO, Nancy McKenney, and director of development, Joe Lisella. She saved the money through dog-sitting and birthday gifts.

Thank you Carina! We are grateful for your kindness and compassion.

Seven year-old Casey Bemis of Novato attended our Kids Halloween Carnival. Arriving proudly dressed up as what he wants to be when he grows up: an Animal Services Officer. His outfit was complete with homemade badges, patches and pins. Not only did he win the costume contest, but he got a bonus opportunity when he met Officer Lisa Nausin (pictured) and Officer Andy O’Brien. They made an appearance at the carnival to meet their biggest fan, congratulate him on winning the costume contest and thank him for bringing awareness to helping animals by being an Animal Services Officer.

Casey is an MHS Summer Camp alumni and his mom says, “his favorite place to be is the Marin Humane Society. He has spent the past two summers at the Marin Humane Society’s summer Animal Care Camp and he even celebrated his birthday here.” Casey proudly has a dog, cat, mouse, frog, and fish.

Thank you, Casey for inspiring others to help and care for animals. We look forward to seeing you drive around in the big blue MHS Animal Service trucks someday!

Danielle Chan, an 8th grader from St. Isabella School, was inspired to help our SHARE program. She collected dry and canned food at her school and made a donation that took four people to bring in to the shelter. She has begun a culture of kindness at her school!

Ten-year-old Hailey, eleven-year-old Julia, and twelve-year-old Iona of Novato made cat toys, cat beds and dog treats for the animals here at the shelter.

Alex Hobbs is at it again!

For her 8th birthday she asked for donations to the Marin Humane Society in lieu of gifts. She proudly donated $244 the other day when she came to visit. Thanks Alex, we appreciate you always thinking of the animals!

Thirteen year-old Rachel Luria of San Anselmo is quite the animal lover! She donated her Bat Mitzvah money to her favorite animal organizations, splitting the gifts between MHS and Wild Care. Her donation to us was more than $4,000! We are so honored by Rachel’s generosity – what a great inspiration and example to her peers!


Girl Scout Junior Troop 30469, from San Rafael, presented a large donation of dog & cat food, & toys to the Marin Humane Society on June 14. They held a roller skating event this year as part of their troop's activities and asked that donations of pet food & toys be brought to the event. Then they donated all the proceeds to MHS!

Here are two scouts spending time with some of our adoption kittens!

Thank you Troop 30469 for your support!


Gabe Branton, Julia Hinshaw, Julia Jones, Zach McLane, and Haley Weinstein created a promotional video for the SHARE program. Working on this project they learned about the growing problem of aliteracy, being able to read but choosing not to, and how to combat it for the future.


The Marin Humane Society’s SHARE (Special Human Animal Relationships) a Book program aims to help children overcome their fears of reading.

Seven year-old, Alex loves animals so much that she collects donations for the Marin Humane Society any chance that she gets. Most recently, she gathered $23.00!

Each time that Alex brings her donations to the MHS, she is helping us take care of the thousands of animals we see each year. She and her family are currently fostering a puppy, Oreo.


Warren, Aidan and Orion needed to earn some community service time. They noticed that there was a lot of dog waste on the Open Space trails near their school. Accompanied by a parent, the sixth graders picked up dog waste, as well as litter; they found bottles, cans and plastic trash. This project not only made the area safer for all animals, it also ameliorated impact of use for walking dogs in the area. They even got a parent to agree to pay them for the service, so they donated the proceeds to the Marin Humane Society!

During Christmas most children can’t wait to get the coolest toy. Chase Weaver, a 3rd grader at San Domenico, came to the Marin Humane Society in February to drop off the donations he collected for instead of presents. Christmas came in February for the animals at MHS!

Owen could have chosen any other non-profit for his school's community service requirement, and we are so happy he chose to help the animals at the Marin Humane Society!

He (and his younger brother helper) decided to have a table outside of the brand new Woodland's Pet Supply, with the approval of the store manager, on their opening day. He collected monetary donations and people also purchased extra items to bring to the table. The Marin Humane Society can use donated items from our wish list. Any monetary donations help us pay for the care of our animals, from spay/ neuter surgery to food and other supplies.

If you need to do a community service project, consider designing a project to help the animals! Please contact the Education Coordinator before you begin so that you can get your project approved.

Natalie Frederick, age 10, 4thgrade, Old Mill School, Mill Valley, makes unique art objects from found materials. She is selling them and donating her proceeds to the Marin Humane Society. The art is prominently displayed with her bio and donation intentions in the front window of Sienna Rose, on Miller, in Mill Valley.


Tzedakah Project
Naomi, a 7thgrader at Brandeis Hillel Day School did her Tzedakah project on the Marin Humane Society. Each year, 7th graders at this school research a non-profit organization that carries out acts of philanthropy that embody Jewish values. After the students present their organizations, the class decides how to allocate their Tzedakah money. The students forgo birthday presents and other privileges so that their parents can contribute the money to the fund instead.

Naomi worked on her project for months and convinced her class to donate $485 to the Marin Humane Society! She loves animals and has a dog, Barney, who she rescued.

A Heartfelt Donation
Seven-year-old Alexandra of Novato saved up her money to make a donation to MHS! And, she included this lovely Valentine. Way to go, Alexandra!

Girl Scouts Acting with Compassion
For their Girl Scout Community Service requirements, Audrey and Evelyn planned, prepared for and held a bake sale, raising $124.00 for the shelter. They also attached copies of the Marin Humane Society's wish list to bags and left them on doors in their neighborhood, returning later to collect the donations. Among collected items were dog and cat food, leashes, collars, toys, bowls a feeding station and even flea and tick medicine!

Donations Instead of Birthday Gifts
When Kate invited her friends to her 9th birthday party, she asked them to bring donations for the Marin Humane Society instead of presents for herself. On the day of her birthday, Kate brought her donations to the Marin Humane Society for the animals to enjoy. Thanks, Kate!


The Enzo Foundation
When Kacey Rhinehart saw that one of our adoption cats, Enzo, hadn't been adopted after a couple of months, she started the Enzo Foundation over the Christmas holiday. "We do many sales to raise money for all the pets at MHS," says Kacey. "We are trying to tell people that adopting an adult cat is just as good as adopting a kitten. Kittens grow up to be cats. Why wait? Enzo is the one who gave me the idea to start this Foundation."

Heart of Marin: Student Volunteer Award
Rachel Blackman received the Student Volunteer of the Year award by the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership at the 2011 Heart of Marin Awards.

Rachel began volunteering with the Marin Humane Society several years ago, starting as a Girl Scout and continuing through the years in many different ways. From helping prepare for Animal Care Camp and serving as a counselor to raising donations for the SHARE program and helping assemble holiday care packages for its clients. She has created and led tours specifically for Daisy troops for her Silver Award, distributing special event flyers and postcards, proposing a partnership with Drake High School to provide stress-relieving Animal Assisted Therapy sessions during finals week and designing a new Animal Assisted Therapy program for children on the autism spectrum to do agility with dogs, for her Girl Scout Gold Award.

For all of these contributions and her hundreds of hours of dedicated service to MHS, we are proud to announce that Rachel received this prestigious award!


Bake Sale Donation
Casey Laret & Daisy Dalzell-Piper held a bake sale and lemonade stand with all proceeds donated to the Marin Humane Society. They set up shop at Blackie's Pasture in Tiburon. A few hours later they arrived at the shelter with $84 in hand to donate! This idea stemmed from Daisy's family adopting their kitten here, and Casey attending our Summer Camp the week prior. We love to see Compassion in Action!




SHARE a Book Graduation
Students from Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Novato assisted with the training of volunteer teams to become a part of the SHARE a Book program. They attend two weeks of classes to give the dogs practice time with real kids and also help with the graduation ceremony.

Thanks to these wonderful students, and their families, we are able to train more volunteer teams to be a part of the SHARE a Book program!




SOS: Students of Service
Team SOS from Bel Aire Elementary School visited the Marin Humane Society to donate newspapers and other items that they collected for help the shelter animals. Watch the video they made capturing their visit and listing a number of ways you can help the animals at the Marin Humane Society!



Quilt Raffle Benefit
Every school year, Laura Honda’s 3rd grade class at Manor Elementary School in Fairfax, along with the help of school volunteer, Harriette Greene, makes a quilt. The goal is to raffle the quilt and donate the proceeds to a local organization that helps either animals or the environment.

After the class chooses the organization they want to benefit, each student takes home a panel and creates a unique piece of art featuring that cause. This year, Mrs. Honda’s class chose the Marin Humane Society. When the quilt is completed, it will be raffled off, proceeds benefitting the Marin Humane Society.

Mrs. Honda’s class has come to our Novato campus to tour the shelter and had special in-class presentations to learn more about MHS and animal care. They have had spirited discussions about the importance of proper animal care, particularly regarding indoor cats. They even got to plant cat grass to take home (clay pots generously donated by Sloat Garden Center)!


Compassion despite allergies
Eight year old Kennedy Sullivan of Novato may be allergic to cats, but that hasn’t stopped her from dedicating a part of her allowance to purchase several items from the MHS Wish List! So far Kennedy has contributed $40 of her allowance to MHS. 

When life gives you lemonade, make a donation!
Charlie, Eva and Ali Smith of San Rafael decided to have a lemonade stand over the weekend. They made $25 and then donated it to the Marin Humane Society. We appreciate their generosity and love to see the Compassion in Action!




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