SHARE (Special Human-Animal Relationships)

From children to seniors, over the last 25 years thousands of children and adults in Marin have been touched by the Marin Humane Society’s SHARE (Special Human Animal Relationships) program because of one bright, sunny-natured girl named Erica Ettinger.

From an early age, Erica had a keen interest in the plight of animals and recognized the invaluable love, support and companionship pets have to offer, especially to someone who is ill or isolated. When she visited a convalescent hospital with her dog Marcy, it made a big impression on her.

When a tragic bicycle accident in September 1987 took her life at age 8, Erica’s family set up a memorial fund to continue her dream of making the world a better place for animals. In 1988, the fund grew enough to allow SHARE to evolve into a successful program.

Today, SHARE consists of several programs that provide a variety of services with the common goal of keeping good friends—people and companion animals—together.

Animal-Assisted Therapy
Bringing animals to visit people to assist with their care or education

Pet Care Assistance
Providing ongoing pet care assistance to low-income seniors and one time support to others in need

Helping children enjoy reading, build confidence and improve literacy skills

SHARE not only provides all of these services to Marin residents, it also is a resource for many other organizations and individuals. As Erica's story shows, one person really can make a difference. Today, the Marin Humane Society's SHARE programs continue to be funded by donations, grants and the support of volunteers.


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