Search Lost Pets

How to find your lost pet

  • Search Lost Pets in the shelter
    Use our database to see what animals have been brought in stray. We hold found stray animals for a minimum of five business days.
  • Fill out a Lost & Found Report
    Email the report and attach a photo to We will cross check the report sent with what we have on file. Reports are held for one month, unless we are notified otherwise.
  • Post Flyers in your neighborhood
    Get a template now: Lost Cat
 | Lost Dog
  • Get the word out on Social Media
    Use Facebook, NextDoor and Craigslist to notify the public that your pet is missing.
  • Come to the Marin Humane Society in person as soon as possible. Unidentified stray animals are held a minimum of five working days. Identified stray animals are held a minimum of eight working days. We will assist you in filing a lost report, as well as looking through the Lost & Found books at the front counter.

Other Resources

  • Check neighboring animal shelters, canvass your neighborhood, tell your friends, neighbors, mail carriers, etc. that your pet is missing and post Lost Pet Notices around your neighborhood.
  • Check out these tips for finding a lost or missing pet from or Missing Pet Partnership.

If you find a lost pet

  • Call the Marin Humane Society immediately at 415.883.4621 to report the animal. 

  • As soon as possible, please bring the pet to the Marin Humane Society or your local animal shelter. We will scan the animal for a microchip, and you can file a found animal report. If you want, you can leave the pet with us. 
  • If you are willing to put in the effort, you can post found animal posters in the area, and post a description of the animal on sites like

Lost pet database
Use our lost pet database to search for found animals that are currently under our care. Please note that these do not represent all found animals so if you do not see your animal here, please still contact us. Having trouble viewing the search results? Click here to open your results in a new window.


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