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Read our recent release about the proposed rules regarding dogs in GGNRA

The Marin Humane Society disagrees with the proposed rules by the National Park Service governing where dogs, both leashed and off-leashed, can be in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) areas of Marin and is urging dog lovers to take action.

Less than 1% of trails and beaches in the GGNRA are dog-friendly. That means anyone who wants a dog-free experience has 99% of the 80,000 acres to play in. This rule will cut that 1% by nearly 90%.

If you would like to join us in making your voice hears, please consider signing the petition and submitting your comment. Please also consider attending one of two upcoming public meetings:


National Park Service website


Marin County Dog Owners Group

Sign the Save Our Recreation petition now

Marin officials tell feds to ease dog crackdown in Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Marin IJ, 2/11/14)

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