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Kenzie and My Dad

The sweetest dog around and a great walking partner

Kenzie (was Georgia at MHS) has been a wonderful and sweet senior addition to my dad and mom's home. She is endlessly happy, already has GREAT house manners, and is very loyal. A great walking partner who won't pull him off his feet:) Thank you Marin Humane Society!!!

Blu Is No Longer Blue

Our Pit Bull Kimo passed away on January 10th. We were blessed to have her for 13 years, almost to the day. Having no dog around our house was miserable. I had made a u-turn about a month ago at the Marin Humane Society signal and thought I'd look and see what kind of dogs they had available. I saw Blu and fell in love and talked my wife into going up to see her. After spending about an hour with her we decided to adopt her. Blu is 1 year 10 months old. She is very loving and very smart. She's already learning new tricks. Blu is enjoying being spoiled and loves walks and playing with my son's dog.

We are blessed again with a wonderful pet.

Thanks Marin Humane Society!

Adopting an older kitty is AWESOME ;)

Hi Catherine and Ruthie:

Just wanted you to know that you couldn't have made a more wonderful adoption of Alice (Ally)......I changed her name. She won't let me out of her sight...up in my lap all the time when not sleeping on my bed. Very social. Came down from upstairs and entertained all my guests last night jumping in their laps (ignored mine!). I can't imagine how much longer she would have lasted before being adopted. Talk about "who rescued who?"

Gratefully, Emelie
MHS Adoption Greeter

Happy Piggies

In November 2014 we adopted a pair of male Guinea Pigs from the Marin Humane Society. Suzanne Gollin helped us find the perfect pair for our family.

We adopted Root & Toot (now Spud & Andy) just before Thanksgiving. They merged into our family very nicely and are now living the Guinea Pig "high life" in their double decker enclosure.

We handle and hold the boys every day, they are extremely social and greet us with chatter and squeaks when we visit with them or bring them their daily veggies.

We recommend everyone check their local shelter when looking for a small companion animal before going to the local pet store.

Suzanne gave us lots of great advice about enclosures & general care, she was a great resource!


Happy Ending!

Purrsimmon, age 2, came to live with us as a great New Years gift. We call him Purrsey or Kitty. He loves his blanket made for him by a Humane Society volunteer.
Thank you!!


Jasper the angel dog

We lost our terrier xmas eve. Found Jasper and fell in love with him immediately.

Jasper is so well behaved. He has fit into our home quickly.
Now I can never imagine life without him. Can never thank you enough for your great service and excellent choice of pets.
Love Always,
The Botelho family

Our doggie dreams were DASHed

DASH (previously Buddy) has turned out to be nothing short of a dream dog. He is packed with playfulness and curiosity, but most of all he simply loves being part of our family. Snuggling on the couch to watch TV, walks and hikes, car rides, he just wants to be included. He is so well behaved and smart, he does indeed make everything a bit more fun and just "gets it" the first time we do anything new.

We don't know Dash's whole back story (how he came to be homeless or how long he was in a shelter), but we do know that he was transferred from an overcrowded facility in Southern California and ended up at MHS. However it all went down, we are sooooo very lucky we were the ones to bring him into our home and family.

Adopted 12/13/14 certainly a day to remember!

Thanks to Ruthie and MHS!

  • Lucy sleeping in a flower pot

Thank you so much for our little dog Lucy (formerly PopTart). We adopted Lucy 5 years ago this week and she is the best dog ever. Funny personality and marches to the beat of her own drum. She has brought so much happiness to our family and so many people's lives that she touches.

Paige's New Page

It is going to be a journey, but the true Paige will shine one day.

Paige has now been a part of the family for a month. She settled into the quiet routine of my husband and I, our old Lab, Sammy and bunny, Briar. But now that the holidays are here and my boys are home from college she has slipped back a bit to the scared little girl we adopted. But just a gentle reminder is all she needs to remember that new people aren't that scary. I try to tell everyone to let Paige make the first move, she is slow in trusting anyone, but once she know you are ok, she is a doll. Chasing the bunny is still a fun game, but Briar turns it around and does a little chasing right back. I believe it is their own fun game. Paige adores Sammy and often curls up with her when she doesn't want to go out for her walk in the rain. Paige is a sweet, smart girl and I adore her. Thank you to all at the Humane Society for giving this little girl a home until she could find her perfect forever home.

Happy Endings x2

Franky (mostly white) was adopted in June of this year. We just got home from adopting Moon (now Ruby) today!!
Thanks so much, Ruthie & Catherine! She has been a doll since we brought her home!
Met 2 cats and the birds, and is lying on a bed in the hall chewing a bully stick like she has been here forever...I think it is a perfect match, and I am so grateful to all of you at the Marin Humane Society for letting me have her.

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