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Kaila and Larka

About 10 years ago, we adopted these two wonderful sisters and haven't regretted a single day with them.

  • Kaila called dibs on the top bunk
  • Kaila took my chair
  • She didn't like the hat

When our dad moved out, we got what we had always wanted. A cat! Well, actually two, but we didn't go there expecting to get two. I remember it like this.

My mom, my little brother, my little sister and I came to your shelter for a cat. We were so excited. I already had a plan for what kind to get. A short-haired tabby cat, who I knew were usually good family cats, being loving, playful (but not too energetic) and generally tolerant of kids. Short-haired for easier maintenance. Oh yeah, I knew exactly what I was looking for, and I found her, right in front, mellow from surgery earlier that day. Her name was Chira, (which I changed to Kaila during the drive home) and she fit all my criteria.

My mom, however, had other ideas. The cat that caught her eye was a birman (we think) lynx-point mix, with wide blue eyes and a fluffy tail. So when we went in to meet soon-to-be-Kaila, my mom met Fluffy (renamed Larka). We were in love with two different cats. As I was looking at their info sheets, I noticed that they were the same age. Hmmm... Then after reading further - They had arrived together! "Sisters!" We declared. We brought them both home with us.

Since then (man it's been a long time, I was in 8th grade then, now I'm year 3 college), they have both grown a lot (Kaila's gotten a bit chubby), had a few injuries (Kaila again. She was very accident-prone one summer), and been very, very loved. They are members of our family and we can't imagine life without them.

My mom might submit her own bit about them - we'll see.

Jessica of the Hughes Family

Our new cat Toy

MHS called him Maxwell but he is now our new Toy

MHS called him Maxwell but he quickly became Curious George's new best friend and TOY! George, also an MHS alumni, was very lonely after losing his friend but we found the perfect match for him. Now we have two playing machines! I love these guys!

Griffon one year later and loving life!!

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me the love of my life!!! Adopting Griffon was the best thing I've ever done! As an older cat I worried we wouldn't connect but we are cuddle bugs!! He is amazing and as happy as can be :)

I adopted him on May 16, 2013 and it was the best day ever! A year later and we are doing amazing!

Cody and Daisy go home!

We have gradually enlarged Cody's & Daisy's (now called Aprile) space and today they are happily dashing about all over the house. They seem to be adjusting well, with only the normal issues one experiences with cats. They are sweet, lovely animals. We hope they are as happy with their new home as we are with them; they have brought joy and fun back into our lives after some difficult losses.

Since they have to stay indoors, we have enriched their environment with many toys and things to do.

Please thank the kind volunteers who kept these guys socialized during their stay at MHS.

Thanks so much for facilitating this adoption. We are grateful.

Meet McGregor and Maude!

Here's my newly adopted ducks from the Marin Humane Society. They're so loved that the staff came out to say their goodbyes. They especially love McGregor.

Bennie and Bella lost all control and fell in the pond a few times--as you can see in the pic. Maude actually laid an egg out of complete stress! I spent the whole day building fencing to keep them in the pond since they're so friendly. They're now content and safe.

They haven't been on the island yet. They just cruise around it--but very curious. I'm sure they'll jump on soon enough.

So all they do is eat; wash; and swim. If we all could do that just think how happy we'd be! :)

Rosie is turning 5!

After 2 years living with the most loving and gentle cat we are utterly in love...

Happy Bearded Dragon

I adopted the best dragon in the world this Saturday! I am sending you photos in his new home.

We let him out today and he fell asleep on the couch. Such a cute moment.

He's the best...thank you!

Charlie who was really Dexter

Best Birthday Present Ever!

I adopted Charlie when he was 12 weeks old from MHS It was my 25th birthday and my sister thought I could do with a loving pet. Of course, it might have had something to do with my hinting that I was thinking about getting a kitten...Hmmmmmm...

I was excited when I was looking at all the kittens available. I sat in that little holding room, and he immediately caught my eye, with his striking good looks and that lovely tuxedo coat!

I remember holding him, staring into his gorgeous green eyes, stroking his soft, soft coat, thinking, "You're not Charlie, you're Dexter and you're coming home with me." And thus a love story began 17 years ago. It still continues today. Dexter is now 17.5 years old and just as handsome and gorgeous as he was adorable & sweet when I first brought him home all those many years ago. I am so lucky and fortunate to have him in my life. He's the sole keeper of all my secrets, the lover of my 2 dogs and most especially the best lap warmer in the world!

Thank you MHS for all the work you do, but most especially for bringing Dexter into my life.

Two Best Friends: A tale of two Maxs

Jackson (named Max at Marin Humane Society) now 14 months old and OUR Max 12 years old have become best friends.

  • Jack is on the left.

We met Max (now Jackson) in July 2013 at the Marin Humane Society. Boy was this 8 month old German Shepherd frisky! He was also attentive, and even followed a few commands. Later in the week we introduced our Max, 12 year old German Shepherd, to Max Junior. It was evident that Max Senior was having some tolerance issues with this snappy, energetic upstart! We know Max Senior well. He is a very large (120lbs at the time) and powerful dog. He came to love our Siamese Heckle and they would play for hours.

It did take awhile for Max Senior to get used to "Junior." However, when we decided to change his name from Max Junior to Jackson, Old Max started to really warm up to him!

When we brought Jack home, Max was showing some real signs of age, including lethargy, dementia and bladder problems. Once he started getting out with Jack, he really rose to the challenge of showing him the ropes. Here we thought the new kid would help Max through his golden years. Now It looks like we will get another 12 years out of him!!!

Thank you for helping us adopt Jackson and helping to bring Max lack to life!

Bryan, Robin, Adryan, Max, Jackson and Heckle.

Sweet Samantha

We adopted Sam on March 28th. Sam is already loved so much and she knows it. Although her home is a huge xpen, she is seldom confined. Sam loves to follow us around the house. She makes us smile and I couldn't have wished for a better bunny. She looks forward to her morning pellets and evening veggies as well. Thank you all.

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