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Paige's New Page

It is going to be a journey, but the true Paige will shine one day.

Paige has now been a part of the family for a month. She settled into the quiet routine of my husband and I, our old Lab, Sammy and bunny, Briar. But now that the holidays are here and my boys are home from college she has slipped back a bit to the scared little girl we adopted. But just a gentle reminder is all she needs to remember that new people aren't that scary. I try to tell everyone to let Paige make the first move, she is slow in trusting anyone, but once she know you are ok, she is a doll. Chasing the bunny is still a fun game, but Briar turns it around and does a little chasing right back. I believe it is their own fun game. Paige adores Sammy and often curls up with her when she doesn't want to go out for her walk in the rain. Paige is a sweet, smart girl and I adore her. Thank you to all at the Humane Society for giving this little girl a home until she could find her perfect forever home.

Happy Endings x2

Franky (mostly white) was adopted in June of this year. We just got home from adopting Moon (now Ruby) today!!
Thanks so much, Ruthie & Catherine! She has been a doll since we brought her home!
Met 2 cats and the birds, and is lying on a bed in the hall chewing a bully stick like she has been here forever...I think it is a perfect match, and I am so grateful to all of you at the Marin Humane Society for letting me have her.

Mango and Berry

We just bonded our two new baby girl rats, Mango and Berry, (formerly Amber and Ash) to our two other girls, Lucy and Ethel. Easiest bonding ever! We (and Lucy and Ethel) love them sooooo much. I am 11, and I have had lots of rats in the past, and these two are the youngest I have ever had. Two months old! I had been looking at them on the website already, but they're even cuter in real life!

  • I am on the left, and my sister, who is nine, on the right. Berry is black and Mango is cream!

I had been wanting another rat for a long time. I had my two, Lucy and Ethel, but I love having three. Then when one passes away, you don't feel bad for the other because they have another friend. When we learned they were bonded, I finally convinced my mom to bring me to meet them, and I fell in love. They're so much tinier than my other rats! They all sleep in a pile together now, becoming a huge ball of fuzz with Lucy and Ethel. My other pets, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a dog, are beginning to discover them. Jack, our amazing dog, also came from the Marin Humane Society. Thank you so much, Marin Humane Society!

pippa is now leello

shy pippa turns into a ball chasing leeloo

  • vintage basket bed

We adopted pippa on September 28, 2014. She was very shy and reserved in the shelter, but we could see a little spark in her eye. After a few days we could see her personality showing and we decided she was more of a "Leeloo."

Once we got her home, she licked her surgery incision open and wore a cone for about a week. After her antibiotics were completed she looked good and the cone came off.

She's know exploring the entire house and even comes onto our bed at night to snooze. She's super vocal, loves to chase balls, sometimes plays fetch and loves running and hide 'n seek.

Leeloo is bringing us love and laughter every day. we feel lucky to have found her!

Suki now LeLu <3

We adopted LeLu from the Marin Humane Society 5 years ago. She turns 6 this January and I just wanted to thank you for bringing us together. As my first dog I didn't know what to expect however, LeLu is my best friend, my child and my happiness. Youll be happy to learn on how smart she is and how amazing she is in general. I just wanted to THANK YOU again because without her my life would be different.

Hope all is well

Daddy's Girl

We "accidentally" adopted Mini Pearl (now Sophie or Sofia - she responds to both) from MHS in February 2014. We had no intention of adopting a dog that day, having previously adopted one from SFSPCA a year before that. We don't even live in the county! But we found ourselves in the area one Saturday morning, and we thought we'd passed by MHS (we love visiting shelters). When we arrived at MHS and saw her profile, we were told that someone was already playing with her to see if they would adopt her. We said no big deal, and we just happily went to look at the other dogs. About 15 minutes later, we were told that the person who was playing with her decided not to adopt her, and asked if we would like to meet her. We said yes. We had JP (our other dog) with us that morning, and after we met Sophie, we had them play to see if they liked each other. They played for 45 minutes! And the rest, as they say, is history. Attached is a picture of Sophie (the Havanese, and formerly Mini Pearl), and JP (the Chihuahua), taken just a few weeks ago.

Sheer Bliss

Tucci is the best little doggy boy ever!!!

I adopted Tucci - formerly known as Tony, then Topper - on August 12th. We are so happy with this perfect little man. He's loving, doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He's still coming out of the upset he went through to get to his real, forever, home but he's making steady progress. The few times I've left him he does a real circus act of flips, spins and leaps when I walk back through the door. Yes pure love and sheer bliss since the day I brought him home. Thanks so much for caring for him until we could find one another.

Meet McGregor and Maude!

Here's my newly adopted ducks from the Marin Humane Society. They're so loved that the staff came out to say their goodbyes. They especially love McGregor.

Bennie and Bella lost all control and fell in the pond a few times--as you can see in the pic. Maude actually laid an egg out of complete stress! I spent the whole day building fencing to keep them in the pond since they're so friendly. They're now content and safe.

They haven't been on the island yet. They just cruise around it--but very curious. I'm sure they'll jump on soon enough.

So all they do is eat; wash; and swim. If we all could do that just think how happy we'd be! :)

Molly has a happy home ;)!

We love Molly!!! Thank you soooooooo very much for making this all happen. Molly is adapting well to all of her family. She slept well the first night without a wimper. No barking at all except when she is excited that she is about to have her dinner. Thanks again for believing in us and making our adoption happen. It's like a new baby and everyone wants to come and meet Molly.
See you sometime soon!

Adoption Update - Fish & Chips

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you l know how Fish & Chips have been doing since their adoption a few months ago.

First, they are now Darwin (Chips) & Wallace (Fish). They are both real sweethearts and extremely playful. I cannot emphasize how important it was for them to be adopted together. It not only allowed them to have someone to lean on for comfort during this traumatic and confusing transition, but they are two hilarious peas in a pod (cats in a clowder?). They are well taken care of and deeply loved by my wife and I.

They have made themselves quite at home and have leapt upon and discovered every nook and cranny. They act as if this has been their home forever. They have been a loving, happy addition to our family.

Thank you all for brining us together.

John, Ann & the boys.

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