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Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced & Specialty Dog Training Classes
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The Marin Humane Society's dog training classes are a great place for people and dogs to learn a common language, and for dogs to learn the house rules. Our instructors use positive reinforcement to solve behavior problems and to teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling, sit or lie down quietly, come when called, and to wait at doors.

Our classes are organized by level. Beginning classes are a great bonding experience--even very experienced guardians find them valuable. Once you and your dog have the basics down, there are a variety of intermediate, advanced and specialty classes to choose from.

Most classes are one-hour sessions held weekly in the Marin Humane Society's Dog Training Pavilion or Canine Classroom. However, we do hold classes at off-site locations throughout Marin.

We regularly add new classes to our schedule. If you do not see a current series that works for you, please call 415.506.6280 to find out about future offerings. 

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Have you trained elsewhere and feel your dog is beyond a beginning class?
If you and your dog have completed training with another group or instructor and you feel your dog is ready for one of our intermediate or advanced classes you are welcome to set-up an Advanced Placement Test. Download the pre-screening test. This will help you assess your dog's training level based on our standards. Since there are a variety of training methods and terms used by other dog trainers, we want to ensure everyone going into our advanced classes is ready. If, after reviewing the test, you feel your dog meets the requirements, call us for an appointment to meet with an instructor. There is a $20 fee for the approximately half-hour test. After the test, the instructor can help you select a class which will ensure a successful outcome for you and your dog! (Please keep in mind that beginning classes may include up to 12 dogs so your dog should be comfortable working in a group training environment.)

One and Two-Day Workshops

We also host a variety of workshops, some hands-on, and some for people only. In addition to our canine workshops, cat workshops help guardians handle their feline companions in a way that keeps both species safe and happy, and small companion animal workshops are aimed at teaching people just what their rabbits, rats, birds and guinea pigs need to stay well-socialized and healthy.

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