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Tiny Teko may be small in stature, but he’s got a big personality to make up for it! (In fact, he’s known around the shelter as "Tiko Suave.") This friendly fellow can often be seen hanging out behind the adoption desk, eagerly waiting to fill an available lap or befriend a fellow small dog. We don’t think he’s quite figured out yet that he doesn’t work here. That said, he could probably hold down a desk job because he’s a real smartypants!

All that time behind the front desk means Teko has become something of a staff favorite, but what he really wants is a forever home. Before he came to us, Teko lived with the same guardian for nine years, so he was understandably confused when his world was turned upside down after she could no longer care for him. He’s now been with us for more than seven months, which is way too long for a little guy to be without a permanent place to lay his head - especially one as personable as Teko! That said, he’ll need some time to get used to living in a new home because he’s gotten very used to his routine here at the shelter.

Unlike many small dogs, he’s actually quite independent, and is very thoroughly housetrained. We have never seen him mark inside and he is great at sleeping on his own in a dog bed – but he might still like to sleep at your feet when it gets a little cold. Teko’s other likes include snacks, laps, snuggling in blankets, and romping in the yard. Dislikes include big dogs who aren’t polite! If your likes and dislikes match up with this sweet boy’s list, come pay him a visit!

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