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Cameron is a fair haired man of mystery. And like 007, he is a man of action looking for his next assignment. A social boy, Cameron's motto is "Ready, Set - Play!" any and all of the time. Cameron will follow you around the house and look for your attention. He's curious, fun and personable. He loves his people and interacting with them. He even comes running to you when you call his name! But be ready to watch the body language for those "love bites." He wants to be a good boy, but once he's had enough holding or petting, he'll let you know. Pay attention to those signals before you get a swat or a nip. But those are rare as this big fun lover can spend hours jumping after his wand toy, in & out of boxes and up & down from the bed or sofa. He's totally fun, totally engaging!

Play therapy is definitely the way to go with this handsome devil. What is play-therapy you ask? It is interacting with wand toys and Cameron so he gets plenty of exercise followed up by food. A tired cat with a full tummy = a mellow cat. Free feeding is not recommended, especially with this boy. Cameron wants to be the only kitty receiving your attention. He is not interested in sharing his people with children or any other 4 footed friends. Cameron is currently at an off-site foster home. To learn more about Cameron you can visit his Facebook page.

Please call our Adoptions Department at 415.506.6225 to set up an appointment to meet this great guy.


Nine year-old Kali and eight year-old Buddy are very bonded to each other and need to go home together.

Sweet Kali (pictured right) was born with a neurological disability but she deals with it well. She moves with her own unusual gait, but she keeps it all together! Kali loves people and enjoys some toy play and short walks with Buddy.

Buddy likes people and is pretty easygoing. However, in his previous home he had a history of not getting along with cats and lawnmowers. Buddy likes toys, walking with his friend Kali, and following his beagle nose. He should do well with motivational training, as he likes his treats! Make sure you watch his daily calorie intake and build up his exercise routine.

Both Kali and Buddy appear to settle well in crates. AND, seem to think it is a pretty sweet deal if there is a good chewie in there, too! Their ideal home might include children 16 and older who are respectful of Kali’s disability. These two have become staff and volunteer favorites here at the shelter. Everyone is rooting for them!

For more information about Kali and Buddy, visit or contact our Adoption Center.


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