Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy is a six-week class that provides unique opportunities for those on the autism spectrum. Utilizing the agility park at the Marin Humane Society, participants learn how to run a dog though a canine agility course, with the final class including a celebration and graduation at which families and friends attend to cheer on the students.

This program challenges each individual and gives them a chance to increase their confidence and social skills while problem-solving in a fun and safe environment. An added benefit is the unconditional love a dog can offer their handler. The dogs enjoy the work and serve as nonjudgmental partners in learning.

The Jumping for Joy animal-assisted therapy teams are specially-trained, and the classes are led by trained teen volunteers, who created the program. Advisors include a special day teacher, and a behavior and training instructor.

For more information please contact Community Outreach or call 415.506.6264.

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