Special Day Class Visits

All of our Humane Education Lessons are available for any classroom or at the shelter.

We also have lessons that have been very successful in special day classes. These lessons have been designed for smaller class sizes and with the goal of reaching children with disabilities. They can be used in any classroom but we have found great success in special day classes.

SHARE animal assisted therapy teams visit special day classes in Marin schools. The volunteer teams, under the teacher’s direction, will interact with the students in a variety of ways.

All of the volunteers who visit special day classes have experience working with students with disabilities. Many of the lessons are provided with a group of SHARE teams to allow for a variety of dogs and more animal time for the students.

Below is a selection of some of the lessons we have provided. If you have a need or request for your classroom please ask. We can cater a lesson to you help you reach your students’ goals.

  • Meet & Greets – Students will have the opportunity to practice social skills and learn the proper way to meet a dog. This is a great initial lesson to introduce the volunteer and dog to the children. Many teachers like to start each week with this lesson or a variation of it.
  • Dog Math – Students will have an opportunity to measure different parts of two very different dogs, and then compare the numbers. After the comparison they can complete different math equations.
  • Pet First Aid – Students will have an opportunity to listen to a dog’s heart with a stethoscope, practice bandaging a dog’s leg along with learning about basic pet care.
  • Dog Safety in the Car - Students will have an opportunity to learn about the safest way to travel with a dog. Comparing their needs to the student’s needs for safety.
  • Animal Photography – Students will have an opportunity to photograph a variety of dogs. Digital cameras will be provided and then a webpage will be created so the photos can be viewed by students. Many times this leads to creating photo scrap books in class. Craft supplies and copies of photos will be provided.
  • Pet Care Pluses & Minuses - Students will have an opportunity to answer + OR – to pet care statements. They each have their own whiteboard paddle to show their answers.
  • Scenting Demonstrations – Students will watch as a dog uses its sense of smell to find a scent hidden in their classroom; great lesson related to the five senses.
  • Agility Demonstration – Students will watch and then work with dogs as they leap over small agility jumps and go through tunnels. Great lesson to encourage being active and training dogs.

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